Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Fountain Of Cobblers

It’s Wednesday. At a loss for something interesting to write about the fact that it’s Wednesday, I turned to the fountain of cobblers that is Wikipedia, and learned this:

“According to international standard ISO 8601, it is the third day of the week. This day is between Tuesday and Thursday.”

I genuinely had no idea that the days of the week were numbered according to international standards. I did know, however, that Wednesday is named after the god Woden (Odin to his mates), but I didn’t know he looked like Gandalf:

So as it’s the third day of the week, here are three things to look at over lunch:

1. A trailer for Michael Caine’s new film Harry Brown, released on November 13th and a new addition to The Official Register Of Films You Must See Before Christmas. Not to be confused with Gran Torino, which this seems worryingly similar to, only better.

2. A video for Adam Buxton’s tribute to Pixar’s Ratatouille, which is both funny and clever. Not something we get much of round here.

3. A clip from Charlie Chaplin’s The Rink, possibly his best short film, from 1916. The music’s rubbish on this clip but I would be happy to lend you my copy* which has a much better score.

If you can’t find something in there that tickles your pickle then I’m afraid there’s no hope for you. Perhaps you’d be better off here.

*No chance

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