Sunday 20 September 2009

I've Saved The World Again

In a rare public service announcement, The Incredible Suit would like to bring to your attention The Age Of Stupid, a quasi-documentary set in the year 2055 and starring Pete Postlethwaite. The story’s simpler than a village idiot: the world’s gone to pot and Pete’s watching archive footage from 2008 to work out why we didn’t do more to save the environment when we had the chance. It’s thought-provoking and doesn’t ram a load of guilt-inducing eco-babble down your gullet, of which The Incredible Suit heartily approves.

Although it came out in March this year, there’s a ‘global premiere’ on Monday 21st and Tuesday 22nd September, which means it’ll be showing in over 50 countries and on the interwebs at roughly the same time. As such it looks like it might be the biggest movie premiere of all time and that will hopefully help to spread the word about all this buggering up of the planet we’re up to.

The Incredible Suit is doing its bit for the environment by blogging on the internet instead of wasting paper writing you all letters or flying to your house to tell you how great Buster Keaton is. Hooray for me, I’ve saved the world again!

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