Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Patrick Swayze 1952-2009

The Incredible Suit would like to take a moment to thank the late Patrick Swayze for being quite legendary in Dirty Dancing, Road House, Ghost and especially Donnie Darko. I’m not so sure about Point Break, I think it was the bleached mullet.

Rest in peace The Swizzle.

“My way… or the highway”
(Road House, 1989)

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  1. I really liked Point Break. I think I had to, it was a film about mens stuff directed by a woman. I think it even included "The Look" only directed towards men instead of (or as well as) women. Anyway, see you in the next life, Swayze. And Floyd, though admittedly he had slightly less to do with films.

  2. And Felix Bowness, the little jockey from Hi-De-Hi. What a great day for celebrity deaths!

    Oh, I've crossed the line again. Sorry!

  3. Swayze sang and also co-wrote the song 'She's Like the Wind' for Dirty Dancing

  4. He certainly did. Can't say it's in my top 1,000,000 songs of all time though.

  5. I love Point Break but in a rose tinted nostalgia filled kind of way.

    Ever try to explain the plot of Point Break to someone who has never heard of it? It's hard to believe that you're not describing a Zucker-Abrams-Zucker film.

    I do realise I'm commenting on a 4 year old blog. I have just found your BlogalongBond. It's brilliant. Expect more comments to follow!