Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Ten Things You Could Learn From The Attack The Block DVD

I don't normally do this kind of thing, but seeing as a lovely PR company was kind enough to send me a review copy of Attack The Block on DVD (with strict instructions to return it within 72 hours on pain of death), I thought I may as well let you know the excitement that lies within.
Sadly the excitement within doesn't stretch to any outtakes or deleted scenes such as the infamous one where Adam Buxton surprised Joe Cornish by popping out of an alien costume stark naked, but it does include some thorough behind-the-scenes special features, where you can find answers to the following:

WHICH actor's style with the laydeez is described as "a bit Timmy Mallet"?

WHO wins this eyebrow-off?

WHICH cast member does a frankly amazing Darth Maul impression when handed a large stick?

WHOSE stunt double (described by the actor as "a bit racialist") is this?

WHICH daytime TV show is actor John Boyega set to host?

HOW convincing does Joe Cornish sound reading Dimples' immortal line: "You shove that thing in my face and them fangs are going up in your tits"?

HOW good would this cut scene have been?

WHICH cast member is a professional Elvis impersonator?

WHAT does Luke Treadaway look like with a porn star moustache?

WHICH director is about to get flamed on innumerable internet forums for suggesting that Silver Surfer was in an X-Men film?

All this and more, not to mention one of 2011's best films, can be found on the Attack The Block DVD or Blu-Ray, available at all good (and several bad) stockists from Monday September 19th.

Now that's the kind of free publicity that deserves an Attack The Block hoodie at the very least. Right?

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  1. Why does The Incredible Suit want a hoodie? The two do not go together. Is it to place on the lap during those adult screenings?