Monday, 26 September 2011

The Arena Of Destiny: The Face/Off Edition

Last week's competition to win two tickets to this Thursday's screening of Face/Off at the Stratford Picturehouse and a limited edition poster for the event designed by Sam Gilbey drew, ooh, multiple entries, some of which even came from different people. Quick hint: if you're going to enter a competition several times using different names, at least try to make sure every single entry doesn't say "Sent from [your name]'s iPhone" at the bottom. OK, Hafsa Osman?
As is tediously necessary in these situations, all correct answerers (that's a word, right?) entered the Arena Of Destiny so that a winner could be chosen. And who better to pick the victor this time than Mr John Travolta, wearing Nicolas Cage's face while relaxing at home? Nobody, that's who.

Congratulations, lucky winner! I'll be in touch.

By the way, the answer was a) Faces, and not b) Faeces. Sorry Tony Cox and James Whitfield; better luck next time.


  1. I thought my facetios argument would facilitate it for the faeces.

    Three cheers for the winner. The winner is The Incredible Suit for making a prize out of something that would give me the creeps if displayed in my home.

  2. I love The Arena of Destiny.