Friday 23 September 2011

Still Great: Jurassic Park

Steven Spielberg's masterclass in action cinema set-pieces is re-released for a limited time in cinemas in a trouser-burstingly spectacular new digital print today.

Ignore the clunky exposition and plot nonsense (John Hammond was present at the birth of every single dinosaur in the park? How long has he been there? Does this multi-billionaire businessman really intend to introduce each tour of the park alongside his pre-recorded self? Did none of the scientists know anything about spontaneous sex-changing frog DNA?) and go for the flawless combination of Stan Winston's animatronics and Dennis Muren's CG dinosaurs, Gary Rydstrom's astonishing sound design, Dean Cundey's stunning, hyper-real cinematography and Spielberg's uncanny eye for an amazing shot.

And try not to think about how it's eighteen years since the bearded genius last delivered a truly amazing action adventure film.


For more excitable dinowaffle than a paleontologists' convention, go and see what's been happening at The Shiznit's Jurassic Park Week. Some of it's quite good.


  1. Objects in mirror are closer than they appear.

    "The uncanny eye for an amazing shot." Oh yes. A genius. That shot of the chasing T-Rex filling the convex portion of the wing mirror with the warning words is one of the best movie shots of all time. Terror and humour all at once. Brilliant.

  2. Paleontologists do it by trowel and era.
    Archeologists do it in dead Ernest.