Thursday, 17 March 2011

Michael Gough 1916-2011

"How ironic. Another day and I would have completed my tunnel."
- Dr Paul Flammond, Top Secret!


  1. Gough was a jobbing actor who spent more time on the stage than in films. Many of his screen appearances were low budget horror movies. He was a cut price Vincent Price. He will be remembered best as Batman's butler Alfred.
    His top achievement was to win a Tony for his part in Alan Ayckbourn's Bedroom Farce on Broadway.

  2. Is The Incredible Suit radiation proof? Could you be a daring hero and cool the Fukushima reactors?

    They say truth is stranger than fiction and the drama unfolding day by day in Japan is heartbreakingly more gripping than anything ever made on film. The story so far would have been edited for being over the top and unbelievable were it a film script. Oh, and chuck in the Middle East being rocked by domino effect revolution as a side story.