Thursday, 3 March 2011

Iron Man Prequel Out Tomorrow!

Oh come on, it was either that or Ronclad, and I've officially retired the Ron Weasley gag.


  1. I wonder how accurate is the history in this film. All I can recall about King John is what I garnered from the poem by A.A.Milne 'King John's Christmas' which in part goes:

    "King John was not a good man –
    He had his little ways.
    And sometimes no one spoke to him
    For days and days and days.
    And men who came across him,
    When walking in the town,
    Gave him a supercilious stare,
    Or passed with noses in the air –
    And bad King John stood dumbly there,
    Blushing beneath his crown.

    King John was not a good man,
    And no good friends had he.
    He stayed in every afternoon…
    But no one came to tea.
    And, round about December,
    The cards upon his shelf
    Which wished him lots of Christmas cheer,
    And fortune in the coming year,
    Were never from his near and dear,
    But only from himself."

    There is no mention of using a trebuchet to attack a castle. If only someone had brought him some scones for tea history might have been so different.


    Where were Robin Hood and Batman while all this was going on?

  2. The title is all wrong. Ironclad brings to mind the late 60s Paris Haute Couture collections of metal plated dresses by Paco Rabanne.

    A much better title is
    (Not many people know that).


    (the trebuchet experiment has gone badly wrong)

    You're only supposed to blow the bloody drawbridge open.