Monday, 28 March 2011

A Great Night For Film, A Bad Night For Feminine Micturition

The Jameson Empire Awards were held last night, and The Incredible Suit can exclusively reveal that some people won some awards, some people said some funny sentences and some people got drunk and fell over.

The night's big shock, however, was revealed in the photo press release, which clearly demonstrates that the biggest oversight at the ceremony was the absence of a ladies' toilet, which led to several actresses, models, whatevers and Christ-knows-whats having to spend the night standing cross-legged to avoid drowning the entire population of London's Grosvenor House Hotel in a tsunami of ladypiss.
Still, at least they all maintained their dignity, which is more than can be said for some people. On an entirely unrelated but possibly related note, here's a picture of Dexter Fletcher:
The lead role in The Incredible Shrinking Tim Burton is surely his for the taking.

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  1. Speaking as a woman I just have to say good lord, women are annoying. They're all doing it to look slimmer or something. Ridiculous.