Tuesday 29 March 2011

Farley Granger 1925-2011

"You've been trying to get rid of me long enough.
Now I'll go you one better!"
- Guy Haines, Strangers On A Train


  1. His memoir book is called 'Include me out'. He has his wish. RIP.

  2. I just read the newspaper that Mr. Farley Granger(1935-2011) passed away.

    When I was in high school(1970s), I saw the movie 'Senso' by Luchino Visconti in Japan.

    I was so impressed by beautiful actress Alida Valli(b.1921) and unknown young handsome actor.

    Well, I have just found out that that handsome actor was Farley Granger!!!

    When I checked some photos, I thought he looked like Rock Hudson(b.1925), another very hansome American actor.

    JPN man