Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Chalet Girl

Obviously I'm far too manly and hip to do anything as ridiculous as go to see a romantic comedy about an under-achieving grungy chick on a quest for self-fulfilment in the alien surroundings of an alpine ski resort, but as my latest issue of Mizz magazine (the BIGGEST fortnightly girls' mag!) informs me that Chalet Girl is in fact a "FANTASTIC SNOW-MANTIC COMEDY!", I obviously had no choice but to "give it a whirl".

Obviously it's complete bobbins, not least because it doesn't feature this scene, which is nothing to do with the film but does pop up on a Google Image search of "chalet girl":
What Mizz fail to mention is that Chalet Girl is absolutely predictable from start to finish, that the development of the plot is unbelievably clunky for something so straightforward, that its slight running time is padded out by tediously repetitive snowboarding scenes and that everybody in it has, without fail, been better in something else.
I also counted at least six montages, which makes Chalet Girl one giant megamontage. Hopefully there will be several sequels which, back to back, will form a record-breaking teramontage, the likes of which haven't been seen since the heyday of '80s sports movies.

Still, despite being the kind of film that's easy for snarky bastards writing irrelevant blogs to make tiresome put-downs about, Chalet Girl actually packs a large amount of charm, an undeniably self-aware sense of fun, a few genuine LOLs and a cast of likeable characters into its slight running time, and with the careful application of alcohol is an enjoyable, stupid-grin-inducing experience.

But never mind that, here's how the rest of the foam wrestling went:


  1. 'Teramontage' gets my vote for word of 2011.

  2. I have it on reliable authority that a certain now divorced ex-royal princess of a kingdom in europe had in her early years enjoyed apres ski in chalets. Such was her love of fun that she earned the nickname 'Lollipop' on account of the way she crawled under tables and raised many members to ecstatic pleasure.