Tuesday 22 March 2011

Attack The Block Poster In Non-Crap Poster Non-Shocker!

From a distance it may look like it's called A(Pi symbol)ack I Block, especially if you're an idiot, but otherwise this is a refreshingly cool poster for what is, let's hope, a refreshingly cool film. Er... innit, um... blud. Brrapp?

Oh and have a trailer while you're here, although if you haven't seen it yet you clearly need to spend more time glued to the internets like what I is.


  1. You know what this film needs? Subtitles!

  2. http://tinyurl.com/28taedx

    The Green Slime (1868) is hilarious and much more fun.

  3. The Green Slime certainly looks amazing, not least because it was apparently made 30 years before the invention of cinema.

  4. Typo, Typo. I must proof read my messages before posting.