Monday, 6 December 2010

Win A Ridonkulous Amount Of Charlie Chaplin Films!

THIRTY-FOUR Charlie Chaplin films, to be precise, although most of them are shorts but there's nothing in the rules against that.
Yes, now that you've spent the weekend salivating over the BFI's Chaplin At Keystone four-disc set I almost soiled myself over on Friday, I'm orgasmically excited to be giving away two copies, courtesy of the increasingly delicious folks at the British Film Institute, God bless it and all who sit in its slightly uncomfortable reclining seats.

All you have to do is rearrange the following silent comedians into descending order of greatness (i.e. most bestest first, least bestest third) according to The Incredible Suit:
When you've done that, email your answer to me here. If there are more than two correct entries, contestants will enter The Arena Of Destiny to see who emerges victorious. You've got until midnight on Monday 13th December to enter. GO!


  1. It's a trick question, the real answer is:

    1) Fatty Arbuckle
    2) Harry Langdon
    3) Nosferatu

  2. Poop I'm too late!