Monday, 20 December 2010

The Arena Of Destiny: Not Starring Charlie Chaplin

Viewers with exceptional memories may recall a competition I ran several years ago to win two copies of the BFI's quite spanktacular Chaplin At Keystone DVD box set. I asked you to place the following silent comedians in order of greatness according to the only scale that matters, i.e. mine:
The correct answer, as anybody who checked the properties of the picture would have discovered, is:
  1. Buster Keaton
  2. Charlie Chaplin
  3. Harold Lloyd.
Of the countless (five) entries received, three got it right. This was quite annoying because if only two had got it right I could have just sent the DVDs off and everyone would have been happy, but instead I had to spend an entire day inventing another Arena Of Destiny. Still, original video content and all.

So here it is, and don't forget - three contestants enter, only two leave with a prize. Take it away, not Charlie Chaplin!

Congratumalations to the winners, uncontrollable commiserations to the loser. At least you got your name on the world's greatest movie blog to be called The Incredible Suit.

Thanks to Dave, Paul, Cath, Lisa and the one and only Martin for helping to bring The Arena Of Destiny to life. Consider this paragraph as your payment.


  1. Would that be Chris "A-salt on Precinct 13" Salt, winner of Video Wars and endlessly nicknamed by Adam and Joe fella?

  2. The very same. Thank you, Mr The Suit. You're a proper toff, sir, and no mistake.

  3. You forgot Harry Langdon, the REAL genius!