Wednesday, 8 December 2010

2010 Ten-Word Catch-Up

Back in 1910, Austrian home entertainment pioneer Professor Frank Lovefilm invented the DVD Rental Experience, and since then we've all been able to catch up on the flicks we missed at the cinema in the comfort of our own homes.

Here, then, to celebrate the centenary of Professor Lovefilm's invention, is a small selection of reviews of films from this year which I caught up on well after they were released, using an ingenious gimmick whereby each review is just ten words long. Because it's 2010. Yeah? Brutal.

Youth In Revolt
Enjoyable indie comedy with wickles supporting cast and exploding caravan.

Valhalla Rising
Insufferably tedious arty twaddle with nice shots of the sky.

Surreal, disturbing and incestuous Greek artguff. In a good way.

The Disappearance Of Alice Creed
Effective, twisty, tense three-hander. Eddie Marsan's face is astonishing.

Exit Through The Gift Shop
Intriguing, enigmatic, multi-layered and
probably fake non-Banksy documentary.

How To Train Your Dragon
Dreamworks edges closer to Pixar. Solid fun but frustratingly slight.

Promising idea buggered by appalling script and Britain's worst actors.

Unexceptional but admirable; 2010's second-best Son From Hell movie.

The Ghost
Pretty but ponderous and preposterous
claptrap with unforgivably bad acting.

Excellent, staggeringly well-acted miseryfest featuring
surprisingly bearable Mariah Carey performance.

The Hole
Initially creepy, ultimately disappointing. At least Dick Miller's still alive.

For more mercifully short reviews, come back this time next year!

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