Tuesday, 21 December 2010

The Smurfs: Not Getting Any Better

Among the inevitable crimes against cinema we are expected to withstand in 2011 is The Smurfs, a film which has already upset me with its savage mauling of the English language, as detailed at tedious length in this post.

Well, now we've got a poster:
Granted, it's not the worst poster in the world, but take a look at this still from the trailer, advertising the website:
So what The Smurfs is essentially doing with its marketing is replacing various swear words in popular phrases with the word "smurf", presumably in an attempt to appeal to an adult audience who are no doubt already nodding their heads in sly recognition at the linguistic genius of it all, while the target market - kids under eight and idiots - are left with incomprehensible, nonsensical phrases to chew over.

Whichever smurfing smurf came up with this pile of smurf must be pretty smurfing pleased with himself, the smug smurf. Personally I'd like to fire a smurfing harpoon up his smurfing smurf until he smurfs smurfs from his smurfing smurf. SEE WHAT I SMURFING DID THERE?!!


  1. Please wipe that smurf off your face.

    sssss 33333 ddd
    mmmmm 3 d d
    uuuuu 33333 d d
    rrrrr 3 d d
    fffff 33333 ddd

  2. Well, that didn't work because the spaces in the text have been lost.

  3. Well I think I can safely predict that it will be a pile of smurf (a bit like the chipmunk movies).