Monday 13 December 2010

There Are Worse Things Out There Than Moonraker

I promise to give a complete set of James Bond Blu-rays to everyone who makes it all the way through this. And when I say "promise to", I mean "will not".


  1. Does it count as "...makes it all the way through..." if I listened to my headphones from the other side of the room and drowned them out with the theme tune to 'The Persuaders'?

    Trivia. In 2003 Sir Roger Moore KBE was awarded The German Federal Service Cross.

    He is 83 years old and beyond caring what you think about his musical abilities.

  2. When it comes to questionable songs try this.

    Happy Christmas Everyone

  3. Thanks. *staunches blood from ears*

  4. He should do a duet with William Shatner.

  5. That would be more than the world could take TheUnwashedMass!