Tuesday, 2 February 2010


This year's Oscar nominations were announced today. Words cannot describe how much I am struggling to contain my joy and excitement.

Reasons Why The Incredible Suit Hates Movie Award Ceremonies #3.1:
Best Picture winners are often the toilet paper with which some of the other nominations wipe themselves. IT MAKES MY BLOOD BOIL!!!

Best Picture 1981: Chariots Of Fire
Also nominated: Raiders Of The Lost Ark

Best Picture 1990: Dances With Wolves
Also nominated: GoodFellas

Best Picture 1994: Forrest Gump
Also nominated: Pulp Fiction

Best Picture 1996: The English Patient
Also nominated: Fargo

Best Picture 2001: A Beautiful Mind
Also nominated: Moulin Rouge!

Reasons Why The Incredible Suit Hates Movie Award Ceremonies #3.2:
People whining about which films beat which other films to Best Picture because they think that a) their opinions matter and b) the whole sorry process has any significance on the world we live in.

Edit: OK, I'm mildly pleased that Up and District 9 were nominated for Best Picture. They won't win though.

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  1. Calm Down Dear it is only an Oscar Ceremony, a media flim flam not an earthquake. If you stepped outside on the moon without your helmet on, then your blood would boil. I get to vote on the BAFTA film awards. This year as every year there were at least as many nominations as days in the year. To be really fair every voting member should be seeing at least one film a day for the whole year. Most members do not, so the injustice is there from the start. In round one I had Michael Caine in Harry Brown as one of my best actor choices. He never made it to round two. The round three list contained less than half of my choices. The real test is bums on seats. On that basis Avatar is the big winner, the biggest grossing film of all time, regardless of what honours are bestowed or denied by the blood boilers.

  2. Speaking of the moon, why wasn't Sam Rockwell nominated etc etc

  3. Yeah, Rockwell should've been nominated for best actor and supporting actor for moon.

    Avatar will win everything. Which is a shame.

  4. The choice of Damon and Freeman for Invictus is disappointing. I adore morgan Freeman but he has no opportunity to act, just spout worthy lines. Little acting is involved. And Damon did not deliver an award winning role as there wasn't enough to it. Looking good in a green and gold jersey is not enough (I know, who'd think I'd ever say that).

    without seeing three of the remaining films for the best actor category I can say that Christopher Waltz acted Freeman off the screen because he had a better script. just playing Mandela is not enough. Still at least there were no blue people from avatar nominated for best actor, one category they won't win.

    Ms So So Jeans

  5. It's only a matter of time before there's an award for best performance by a computer graphic. The Incredible Suit has already booked a ticket on the last shuttle off this rock when that happens.