Monday, 8 February 2010

The Evening Standard Film Awards: Can't Wait

From the London Evening Standard, Friday 5th February 2010:

"Some of the biggest names in cinema, from Anne-Marie Duff to Ricky Gervais"? Which of those 'biggest names in cinema' is at which end of the scale?

"Those attending will bring glamour too, including Guy Ritchie"? What, this Guy Ritchie?

They may as well cancel the C-list, scruffy old Oscars now, surely?

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  1. The Evening Standard's standards are falling while revenue falls as this once proud publication is now thrust in your hand for free and is difficult to obtain in the suburbs.
    There will never be a shortage of wannabes or neverwasers to fill the red carpet of a humble supermarket opening, so I'm sure the Standard's awards will be a star filled glittering event. Well, as reported in the paper anyway.

  2. You should go Tony, you'll be the most famous person there.

    "Look, isn't that Tony Cox, regular commenter at The Incredible Suit? Why, that's almost as cool as having The Incredible Suit here himself! Tony! Tony!"

  3. "Europe's most exciting film city: London". Pah! Auld Reekie wins every time!

    Ms So So Jeans

  4. SSJ, Fictional towns from Dickens novels don't count.

  5. Auld Reekie is Alive and Kicking Mr Suit.
    You southerners may know it instead as Edinburgh. Our festival is bestest!!!!
    I've lived in London, so my research is thorough.

  6. For the record, I'm not a southerner, unless you're referring to those of us south of 'the border'. I just live in the south in order to be able to bump into celebrities.

  7. If you are south of Hadrian's wall you are a southerner.

  8. Yes you should know who Ann Marie Duff is.