Monday, 22 February 2010


I watched Ponyo the other day, the new Crackers Patel Japanimation from legendary bonkers merchant Hayao Miyazaki. Before I bore you with my opinion of it, I need to bore you with a frothing rant.

Cineworld Enfield is driving me up the fricking wall with their cataclysmically poor standards of projection. In the middle of the trailers, the picture I was looking at decided it would rather I only saw the top half of it, and that the top half would look better at the bottom half of the screen. Everyone else in the auditorium thought that grumbling about it under their breath would be enough to sort the situation out but I decided to take action. So I mentioned it to an usher, who helpfully told me that "it happens sometimes, but sorts itself out when the film starts."

Obviously it didn't sort itself out when the film started. A projectionist sorted it out ten minutes into the film. This, combined with Cineworld Enfield's unfathomable decision not to mask off the edges of the screen when showing a film that doesn't fit its full width, meant that the beginning of Ponyo looked like this:

Even Miyazaki didn't intend his films to be that weird. Cineworld Enfield: Must try harder.

And, relax.

Ponyo was quite good. It wasn't as good as Spirited Away or Princess Mononoke but it was better than Howl's Moving Castle or My Neighbour Totoro. It was about as good as Laputa: Castle In The Sky. If you've got no idea what I'm on about you seriously need to educate yourself in the ancient art of Miyazakigami.
Ponyo's only problem for me, as a grumpy old codger, was that it was a bit too slight, aimed too much at a younger audience; it didn't probe the unsettling recesses of darkness that Spirited Away did. It did, however, look amazing. I'd try and describe the scenes where the sea comes alive and goes furiously mental all over the shop but you're better off watching it for yourself.

Best bit: If, like me, you love the armies of cute little critters Miyazaki shoves effortlessly into his films, like:


then you're in luck! Because Ponyo has these things:

Anyone know where I can get one?

Final suspiciously-similar-font-related thought:

Just saying is all.

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  1. One day, perhaps sooner than you expect the projector will be digital and the projectionist a dole queue statistic. The projector will be lined up perhaps once a year if you are lucky. When the Barco goes squiffy it will stay squiffy for months and you will be nostalgic for the days when the Cineworld Enfield had a human being slumbering in the projection booth who could be woken up in ten minutes or so to attend to a fault.

  2. As you are in a ranty mood, would you shout at me if I mentioned how fine Colin Firth's buttocks looked in a Single Man? It's a very beautiful film but no cute critters....although Matthew Goode also has fine buttocks. I think I'd rather watch a film containing partially naked men than boggly eyed critters.

    So shallow, I know.

    Ms So So Jeans

  3. When I watched Green Mile, we had just got to the nasty scene where the electrocution doesn't go too well and the film seemed to hit pause so we had to sit through a constant flickering of a man being electrocuted and fried. When the projectionist fixed the problem (he also had to be told, didn't work it out for himself) he restarted the film from just before the sizzling scene so we had to see it yet again. Perhaps the anti-death penalty brigade had knobblled the projectionist and was hosting a campaign?

    Ms So So Jeans

  4. I've known four projectionists in my time. Three of them thought they were rock stars and the other was an old fella who terrified the rest of the cinema staff but was devoted to his job and uncompromising in the quality of the service he provided.

    Any more projectionists out there care to comment, or have you all been replaced by the Projectortron 2000?

    Colin Firth's arse my arse.

  5. "Colin Firth's arse my arse."

    Eh? His arse is your arse? Or are you trying to suggest you have fine buttocks as well? Well, until we see you writhing around in a tank of water we'll stick with the facts.

    Can you ask your projectionist friends why they close the curtains after trailers and then open them again and reset then screen width? Though, thinking about it, that may just be the arty farty cinemas, can't remember any curtains in Vue cinemas.

    Ms So So Jeans

  6. Ponyo was more disrupted for me by the fact that only the dubbed version was available at the local cinema.

    Casting Frankie Jonas and Noah Cyrus or whatever they're called just made the whole thing incredibly shrill and annoying. I just wanted Sosouke to say "Ponyo! Shut the fuck up!" every now and then.

    Sorry, Liam Neeson- I can't hear your vocals because my ears are tuned to a frequency that makes dogs explode. But it's ok, Disney! I don't need my ear-drums!

    A subtitled or even muted version would've been preferable. Or I could learn to speak Japanese?

  7. I'm not so fussed about the dubbing of Ghibli films, they usually do a reasonable job. They're always going to be dubbed for an initial cinema release because they're aimed at kids. Come the DVD release you can listen to Japanese all you like.

    I thought Neeson was miscast; David Bowie should have been the voice of the eccentric underwater sea-dude. And what was the point of having Maaaaaaaaatt Daaaamoooonn for about three lines of dialogue? No point.

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