Friday, 12 February 2010

Harry Potter And The Remarkable Similarity

There's a lot of chuntering going on at the moment about Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief, and how it's shamelessly ripping off Harry Potter in order to be the new Harry Potter now that we're running out of actual Harry Potter. No doubt JK Rowling is right browned off about this state of affairs.

Well before she gets her fur-lined, gold-trimmed, diamond-studded knickers in an expensive twist, maybe she should go back to her 1985 diary, a page of which The Incredible Suit recently came across in an unlikely and, frankly, imaginary turn of events:

"Dear Diary,

I was so bored today that I went to see Young Sherlock Holmes, which starred a whole bunch of people I doubt anyone will have heard of in 25 years' time. It wasn't very good.

There were a few elements of the film I liked though, so I thought I'd jot them down in case I ever decide to write a bestselling series of books that could one day be made into a multi-billion dollar movie franchise:

The protagonists are two boys who become firm friends and a posh, annoying girl with bad hair

One of the boys looks so cute with his mop of black hair, his round glasses and stripy scarf

I love how they hang out with a beardy eccentric who lives on the school grounds

The hero's classroom nemesis is a blond, floppy-haired git

Their school is more like a castle...

...where they eat their meals at long, candlelit tables

And in a blindingly obvious twist, a teacher turns out to be the bad guy!

Also they have to solve a quasi-supernatural mystery, and none of them can act.

If I ever get round to writing those books I'll be sure to leave it ten years in case anyone notices the striking resemblance to Young Sherlock Holmes! I certainly don't want some annoying prattlesmith wittering about it on some kind of world wide web log one day do I?"

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  1. See you in court.

    (*not THAT JKR...)

  2. Adrian Jacobs, suing JK Rowling, Suing The Incredible Suit. An Incredible Lawsuit.

  3. You didn't mention it, but Chris Columbus directed both the first Harry Potter film and this new Percy Jackson thing, and also produced Young Sherlock Holmes. The man's making a killing off of the same film over and over!

  4. And that right there is why I'm a blogger and not a journalist who does, you know, research and stuff. Top marks sir!

  5. Undermining myself a little, but having actually checked my facts, he actually wrote Young Sherlock Holmes, rather than producing it. So he was original at one point!
    Also, saw the film and found it to be entertaining, if more than a little crass. Differences from HP were greater than the similarities.