Friday, 5 February 2010

Yesterday I Made You A Promise. Today I'm Keeping It

Badly Thought-Out Movie Posters That Would
Benefit From The Addition Of A Few Arrows #1

This poster for the uneagerly-unawaited, appallingly-titled Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps features two of the most irritating things in the world of film. One is the fact that the stars' names are the other way round to how they appear in the poster. The other is self-explanatory.

And furthermore:

Thanks to Dave from the marvellous Penguin Party for the YouTube tip-off!

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  1. I am a poster. A poster of comments. This poses poseur poster poster perplextions positioning posters in the text only comment box. I wanted to show the Manhattan poster of, well, Manhattan, the Brooklyn Bridge, I think, looking as if Woody Allen has made a film for the tourist office. There is little clue as to the content of the film.

  2. Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps. Money Talks. In my case it says "Goodbye". (OK, I know, the joke dates back to before MPs first fiddled their expenses.)

  3. The Poster for Braveheart would benefit from an Arrow - Staight between Gibson's eyes.

  4. Steady on Tony, Gibbo's still mad as a badger and out for revenge you know.