Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Was Russ Abbot In Time Bandits?

One of the things almost worth thinking about mentioning about having a blog is that people stumble onto it by accident all the time, usually because they’ve typed something into Google like “where can I buy a Mr Incredible suit”, and inadvertently landed on this pile of tiresome pizzle. I’d like to think that these weary travellers might have their curiosity piqued, pull up a comfy chair and stay for a while, but statistical evidence shows they leg it quicker than Indiana Jones evading the Hovitos.

Although it gives me a feeling of some moral superiority when I see what some people are typing into Google, it simultaneously horrifies me that such things bring them here. I can only imagine the disappointment they must feel when they settle down in front of their computer with a very specific intention, only to find themselves staring at the rantings of a misguided berk who’s watched too many Bond films.

As a caring, sharing type, I thought I’d reveal some of my favourite searches that have brought unsuspecting types to The Incredible Suit. I’ve left the spelling mistakes in deliberately so don’t even try to pick me up on that, you pedants.

They fall into two broad groups which, for the sake of argument, we’ll call “Er…” and “Nipples”.

was russ abbott in time bandits?
if i put you in a dustbin
muse penile suppository review
the incredible machine fishtank target
how to make realistic intestines
turtle bowel magnet
wher can i find emma watson fakes
blogger content warning horny hunk

incredible nipples
insane nipples movies
moulin rouge nipple
bonnie wright niple
ann-margret nipple
nipple in the camera
catherine weaver nipple terminator

I’ll keep you updated if any more come in, but if you’ve seen any of your own there I hope you can explain yourself. More importantly, though, I hope you stayed and learned something new and soul-enhancing that might at least postpone your impending blindness. If not, this ought to dampen your ardour:

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