Friday, 20 November 2009

Darth Vader’s Coal Scuttle

Sometimes I can tell by the way that you’re gazing blankly at your screen that you’re not interested in a single word I have to say. That’s quite understandable; most of it is complete and utter codsbobble. In fact, a lot of the time I think that it would be better for everyone if I just shut up for a moment and stick some faintly chucklesome clips up for you to watch in your lunch break.

So, in a public service to all of us, here’s some stuff that doesn’t require any effort from anyone:

Speed 3 Currently Filming In Russia:

Shia LaBeouf is asked if he thinks a) if his contribution to the arts is worthwhile, b) if he should make any more films, and c) if he is any good:

And finally, something for Pixar fans whose hearts are blacker than Darth Vader’s coal scuttle:

Happy weekend, and don't forget - if you're terribly down with the kids, you can become a Facebook fan of The Incredible Suit! Yes, really! I know!


Hello if you've been sent here from the weekly Popbitch email, and thanks a bazillion to Popbitch for increasing The Incredible Suit's readership by approximately a gajillion times. I had to put 'Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky)' on at very high volume and run up my stairs while Fidgit from Time Bandits circled me with a camcorder, the footage of which you will never, ever see.

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  1. How do you hold down a full time job AND wear the incredible suit? Do you have a wardrobe of incredible suits worn by incredible suitable substisuits?

  2. Dear Mr Suit,
    I'm a Popbitch reader who logged on about 7.30 and I'll hang around based on what I've seen so far. I particularly like a man who communicates via the medium of graphs.

    I'm about to go to see Starsuckers, despite your poor review, so I'll see how you perform. I could send a graph if you like?

    Ms so-so jeans

  3. Ms Jeans, thanks for hanging around, it's much appreciated. I can't promise a plethora of graphs but when words fail me, as they frequently do, I shall attempt to sate your graph hunger.

    I hope you enjoy Starsuckers, it's not terrible by any means but each to their own and all that. If you have any graphs knocking about feel free to send them on, I'm sure I could find a use for them.

  4. Mr Suit,
    I thought Starsuckers was ok too. Some interesting snippets (I didn't realise Live Aid and Make Poverty History didn't plan a joint event and was more a celeb circus). But most of it wasn't news and the sort of person who would go and see an arthouse film probably realised they were being played. But his previous film, Taking Liberties, was excellent – I think it should be made law that everyone should have to see it.

    Did you swoon at the sight of Zac Efron?

    Ms Jeans

  5. Ms Jeans, obviously a man of my refined tastes would have no idea who this 'Zac Efron' is of whom you speak, so I am unable to comment on his swoon inducing qualities.