Monday, 16 November 2009


Woo hoo! It’s The Incredible Suit’s 100th post! The entire team, which is to say me, Mrs The Incredible Suit (above) and Fidgit from Time Bandits, are in the pub celebrating, so here’s a vaguely century-related clip to keep you distracted until we sober up and remember where we left the keys to the blog.

Banzai, Daniel-san!

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  1. Mrs Incredible Suit16 November 2009 at 21:32

    Happy 100th post :)

    and... which is best "may the fourth be with you" or "you had me at hello" i can't decide?!

  2. Well done Mr Incredible Suit, the first 100 of many!!

  3. Mrs TIS, the best is clearly "Get away from her you bitch!" Gives me shivers every time.

    Bub, thanks. The thought of these being the first 100 of many fills me with a bottomless sense of dread.