Friday, 27 November 2009

Robocop Unicorn

At something of a loose end, I recently typed “Robocop unicorn” into a Google Image search. The results suggest that there’s an alternate universe encroaching on ours in which it’s seen as not just perfectly normal, but actually important and worthwhile, to spend your time creating stuff like this:

If anyone can explain this to me I’ll be lying down in a dark room while King Noffin of the Fens mops my brow with a damp rat.

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  1. Very very simple. Just as a sports car is a penis extension for urban lads, so is the Unicorn for Robocop. It is a way of waving a boner in public and getting away with it. There you are. Freud to the rescue.

    The cart horse cross breed unicorn in the last illustration looks a little slow and probably not the babe magnet Robocop should be seen riding.

    That reminds me. A woman on radio was interviewing a farrier. "Is it a stable job?" she asked.

  2. Ah, yes, that explains everything. Noffin, consider yourself dismissed.

  3. My Little Pony featured a cute Unicorn. Danny DeVito did voice overs for the film.

  4. I can confirm that Danny DeVito provided the voice of the Grundle King in My Little Pony: The Movie. His kingdom was devastated by the all-conquering smooze.

  5. robocop riding in unicorn is so cool