Saturday, 6 November 2010

Saturday Playlist #11: Pixar

Those Pixar films are good, aren't they? Have you seen that Toy Story? It's brillz.
While Pixar primarily cater for the eyes with their spanky computer-generated images of cute toy aliens and big furry monsters with forty billion hairs individually hand-drawn by Californian dudes in loud Hawaiian shirts, they also thoughtfully provide nice music to accompany their films.

All the Pixar scores have been provided by just three composers: Randy Newman, known round these parts as Randy Nude Man (because it's a bit childish round these parts) his cousin Thomas Newman and Michael Giacchino, who as we all know is a bit of a god. Now, thanks to the combined miracles of Spotify and The Incredible Suit, some of the "choicest" "cuts" from their scores are available to be piped directly into your listening sacs, and it won't cost you a single pee.

But before you do the clicky thing, ponder the thoughts of modern philosophers Jedward, who recently Tweeted the following thought-provoking nugget:


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