Sunday 7 November 2010

Cast Your Pods To The Wind

Well over a week ago, I recorded another podcast with the Paul and Barry Chuckle of movie piffle, Sam Clements and Simon Renshaw, at the Ritzy in Brixton. Shortly after recording, the podcastotron on which our voices were so carefully laid down exploded and had to be sent to a gleaming white room so it could be nursed back to health by worried looking men with tufts of white hair over their ears and spectacles perched precariously on the ends of their noses.

Following a week of convalescence, the podcast has now been released to an indifferent public who are no longer interested in the London Film Festival, Indiana Jones in 3D or the title of the next Batman film.

Still, as a museum piece it's of minor interest, so why not pour a glass of milk and see if you can make it come out of your nose when Sam bangs his head on the back of the seat?

Picturehouse Podcast 16: Raiders of the Lost Audio File by Picturehouses

The word I am desperately scrabbling in vain for at 18'15" is "Luddite". Yes, I'm referring to myself.

Incidentally, if you're a card-carrying masochist you can subscribe to Sam and Simon's pods on iTunes. Fortunately they don't all feature The Incredible Suit - you may also be entertained by such knowledgeable and delicious babble merchants as Limara from Your Turn Heather, Charlie from Ultra Culture, Catherine from Film 4 and Robbie Collin Not Collins from some newspaper or other and also this blog.

Edgar Wright did one too once but nobody's ever heard of him.