Thursday, 25 November 2010

Cancel All Plans For Weekends In 2011

In all honesty I've never really got on with Disney movies. I like a lot of them, but I didn't love any of them until a cowboy and a space ranger changed the face of animated films forever.

Still, if this isn't one of the greatest masterstrokes of cinema programming in cinema programming masterstroke history, then elephants will fly. For the BFI Southbank are showing all fifty of Disney's own animated features, one a week, for the whole of next year. And even for someone like me, with a heart hewn from ice-cold granite, the chance to see films like Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Fantasia and Aladdin on the big screen - even if you have to sit in those inexplicably uncomfortable reclining chairs - cannot be passed up.

The downside is that they only seem to be showing in London. You'd have thought fifty prints (or digital copies, or whatever they are these days) could be rotated around the country's movie palaces, but apparently not. Still, it does mean you get the chance to sample the Benugo bar's pint of sausage rolls. Oh yeah.

Brief but honest bit of attention-seeking contrarianism: The Jungle Book I can do without. Yeah, I said that. The album is all you need.


  1. Love of Mickey Mouse movies is a medical condition called fantasia.

    I've never recovered from seeing Snow White feeling Sleepy.

  2. As the anniversary video above closes, the 0 of the number 50 encloses a few frames of 'Steamboat Willie'(1928). I have an 8mm copy and my late Dad's projector somewhere in the cellar. I'm inspired to hunt them out. I've got a splicer and cement to stick flims back together when they jump sprockets and get shredded. What fun!

  3. Fuck Disney! There's such a thing as a pint of sausage rolls? I'm on my way!