Monday 8 November 2010

I Heart Little White Lies

It occurs to me that not enough of you are reading Little White Lies, the movie magazine to which it would be a small insult to describe as a movie magazine. You need to sort this out as soon as possible.
You can find out for yourself how good Little White Lies is by popping to any good newsagents (they don't sell it in rubbish ones) and buying the current issue. Here are just five amazing things about it:
  • Every page is a masterpiece of design so beautiful it makes you weep diamonds.
  • The first eleven pages contain a review of 2010 that couldn't be a) more accurate or b) more refreshing. This isn't the kind of review of the year you get on rubbish blogs like The Incredible Suit let me tell you.
  • There are things in the review of the year about 3D and comic book movies that are absolutely bang on.
  • It doesn't smell very nice. I think that's a deliberate ploy to shut down your sense of smell so your vision is enhanced in order to make the magazine look even better.
  • I couldn't give a monkey's winnet about Tron: Legacy but the entire magazine is themed around it and it's still amazagoggling. The cover is the work of a genius (specifically, Paul Willoughby) and puts Empire's Tintin issue to shame.
Anyway that's enough free advertising. If you do go and buy Little White Lies because I told you to, please let them know and maybe they'll send me some Tesco Finest Ginger Stem Cookies.


  1. Cockney Rhyming Slang.
    Complete the following

    Tesco store...
    Finest fiddle...
    Stem the tide...
    Ginger beer...
    Cookie Monster...

  2. ive never read this blog before, but i find myself believing every word you say
    so im gonna go out and look for this mag tmrw in the shops
    i just hope your not teating me and i spend an hour looking for a magazine that doesnt exist

    maley phar

  3. I love Little White Lies too but unlike you I kinda like the smell. I subscribe and everytime the new issue comes through the letterbox and I crack it open I love the smell. I also don't care much for Tron but I'm always impressed with the fact that even if I'm not interested in the cover film, I still read everything in the mag.

    By the way - loving your blog! Just came across it as Univarn linked to your Napoleon Dynamite post and I'm flicking through your older posts. You have a very smiley new follower thanks to the Dynamite and LWL love :)

  4. Always glad to welcome fresh meat. When you've finished on the blog please wash your hands. x