Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Win The Art Of Drew Struzan!

Having shamelessly attempted to get you to buy me a copy of The Art Of Drew Struzan in this post, I'm happy to say that you can put the money you've saved up towards something else because one plopped through my letterbox the other day, which is to say that a card saying "We failed to deliver a parcel ten times bigger than your letterbox" plopped through my letterbox and I had to go all the way to the depot to collect it but it was a nice day and it got me out of the house so it was all OK.

Anyone who's ever bemoaned the current state of movie poster shitness is legally required to get hold of this book as soon as possible and wallow in glorious, mostly '80s airbrushery. Not only does it include sketches and abandoned ideas for some of the most iconic posters, like, ever, but many of them I've never even seen before, and I thought I'd seen every piece of Back To The Future and Indiana Jones concept art in existence.
It's also a cracking read - Struzan reveals how all the men in his posters are - from the neck down - paintings of photographs of himself posing; he shows how Mary Steenburgen's place in the Back To The Future Part III poster was once occupied by a horse, and vents his frustration at being replaced by idiots with Macs, showing off the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets poster he was working on before he was unceremoniously dumped from the franchise. It makes you weep to think of what he could have done with the rest of the series.

So if that's got you dribbling gloopy saliva from your sloppy chops to the point where you'd do almost anything for a copy of this book, then I've got news of the greatest kind. Thanks to the lovely smashers at Titan Books, The Incredible Suit has one pristine copy of The Art Of Drew Struzan to give away to the winner of another...

To gain entry to the Arena, just answer this question:

Which of Drew Struzan's film posters
is The Incredible Suit's favourite?

All correct entrants will face a battle to the death, to be filmed in ultra-low definition 2D and broadcast on this very blog via the miracle of Your Tubes. Email your answer to me here before midnight on Friday and I'll announce the winner at the weekend.

I suppose I could point out that the answer can be found somewhere on The Incredible Suit, but that might make it too easy.

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  1. Raw Zen Turds are not used to aid self control during Tantric Sex or a class of VAT exempt alternative therapy products, but the letters of Drew's name chosen by a Draw Zest Run.
    Which of Drew's drawings drew the most incredible Incredible attention?

    I like the work of Bob Peak, in particular the 'Apocalypse Now' movie poster. His work included 'Star Trek', 'Excalibur' and 'A Fistful of Dollars'.