Thursday, 16 September 2010

I'm Still Here

When Joaquin Phoenix announced his retirement from acting two years ago in order to embark on a career as the world's hairiest rapper, LITERALLY THE ENTIRE WORLD was thrown into confusion. Is he really? He can't be serious. Why would he? Is it a hoax? Or isn't it? Or is it? Or isn't it? Ooh look, EastEnders is on.

As the non-mystery trundled on, Phoenix and his brother-in-law Casey Affleck conveniently filmed the entire process, the culmination of which is this mock-rock-cock-documentary, which pretty much answers the question of whether or not it was all one massive practical joke in every scene, and if you're still not sure there are some quite large clues in the credits.

Fortunately the question is largely irrelevant because I'm Still Here is an entertaining and often hilarious film that might actually have something to say about celebrity, pop culture, actors becoming musicians or the difficulties faced by anyone trying to change direction in life in a world that fears change. Alternatively it could just be a vehicle for the hitherto unknown comic talents of P Diddy.

It's a bit too long and the comedy is occasionally too broad for us to ever feel sorry for him, but the part of "Joaquin Phoenix" could be Joaquin Phoenix's best role yet.

In other news, there's been a massive oversight at the ever-reliably over-zealous IMDb Parents' Guide for I'm Still Here, which is currently inexplicably blank. So I suppose it falls to me to point out to any parents out there worried about what your kids might see in this film, that it contains:

Oh and of course there's the face-shitting bit. But that's just funny.

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  1. Have you not seen Get Him To The Greek? P Diddy is awesomely entertaining in that. Still can't square his comic timing with the flatness of his rapping 'skillz'

    Thinking about it, Joaquim's always a bit of a comedian, too. We're surely not supposed to take him seriously in Gladiator?

  2. I'm looking forward to this one, but it seems to be a very limited release. Might have to wait for the DVD.

  3. So is it real or not? ;D

  4. Affleck's meta-satire riffs amusingly on celebrity culture without hitting too many faux-doc highs.