Sunday, 5 September 2010

Snub Pollard: It's A Gift

Snub Pollard may not be as well known as his contemporaries, but his 1923 short It's A Gift is silent comedy gold. This is a re-edited version with a daft voiceover and annoying digital glitches, but it's the best quality example on the intertubes. You can watch the short in a more complete version here, but the picture's not as good and the final gag is badly cut, so if I were you I'd stay here and enjoy six and a half minutes of insanely-moustached Wallace & Gromitesque buffoonery.

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  1. At first people would Snub Pollard. After his devices went wrong people would Sue Pollard.

    What an irritating voice over. Oh! It is a feather alarm clock. I would never have guessed if that patronising twit had not explained to me what I was looking at.

    Oh gosh! Thanks for telling me that he was using a magnet to power his car. I would never have spotted that.