Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Drew Struzan Documentary: Not Coming Soon Enough

Some very nice people have made a documentary about movie-poster-making-chap Drew Struzan, some of whose work can be seen in this fawning post I wrote yonks ago. Nobody's picked it up for distribution yet so it's going to be ages before we see it, but when we do it will make sweet airbrushed love to your eyeballs.

Don't believe me? Don't just take my word for it. TAKE STEVE GUTTENBERG'S.

In unrelated news, it's my birthday in November.

This book is released on September 24th and is just £16.24 at Amazon. Just saying.

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  1. His website is amazing, and I love the prices attached to the posters. $450,000 for all three original BTTF posters? That's a bargain.

  2. Mr Suit,

    Something of interest for you and your visitors? 40% of Odeon ticket prices....

  3. Love me some Struzan. And I just noticed you have a link to me in your margin! I love you! In a respectful hetero kind of way.

  4. Hey man, there are all kinds of love going on here, it's all cool. But seriously, get off me.

  5. I wanna see it I wanna see it I wanna see it!
    Keep us updated with news of it being distributed Mt Suit!

  6. Mt Suit? Like Mt Etna or Mt Vesuvius, yeah? Cool.

  7. oops obviously meant to be Mr but I actually quite like Mt. I may call you that from now on, it sounds majestic!