Thursday 30 September 2010

The Pods Have Been Cast

In attempt to whore myself out diversify into fields other than the written word, I recently lent my vocal squawkings to the Picturehouses podcast, an unreliably irregular but often ROFLicious experience produced and presented by Brixton's Ritzy Cinema - specifically projecting gentleman and events programmer Sam Clements, and Simon Renshaw, whose exact purpose is yet to be determined.

Here's the most recent episode, in which I basically say out loud everything I've written in the last week, with some bonus stuff that I didn't write down because it wasn't good enough but thought I might be able to get away with verbally. Sam and Simon say some stuff too, but you can skip their bits if you like.

Picturehouse Podcast 11: Something Incredible This Way Comes

If you're reading this bit having decided that you can't be arsed listening to the podcast, maybe I can tempt you by telling you that in it I exclusively reveal the subject of tomorrow's BIG MOVIE PERSON INTERVIEW!!! Or you could just come back tomorrow when it'll be up in all its Paxmanesque glory.

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  1. "whose exact purpose is yet to be determined"?!


    *rolls up sleeves*

  2. Ah, so your purpose is to do the washing up. Good.

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  4. On an unrelated note, I hope you enjoyed being on pg 2 of The Independent. It was none other than I, Ben Kirby, (Scott Pilgrim in the re-enacted trailer at the UC screening) who put you there. Small world.

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  6. What's with all the censorship above?

  7. Ben Kirby, you're my hee-ro.

    Mark, Did you find what you were looking for?