Sunday 12 September 2010

Shameless Plug For A Mate's Film

My friend Adrian and his friend Tim have been done made a movie as their entry in the 28 Days Later Film Challenge. Participants had, believe it or not, 28 days in which to make a 70 minute feature film having been given only a title to work from. This is their excuse for the otherwise unforgivable name The Invisible Atomic Monsters From Mars.

You can take it from me that it's good, it's got gallons of fake blood and more geeky movie references than a geeky convention of geeks geeking geekily till their geekicles drop off.

Adrian and Tim would very much like someone to give them a bundle of cash to make a longer, fuller version (presumably with a better name), so if anybody out there would like to see the whole thing or help them out, you can contact them through their rather good website Zombies Alive, or email them here.

Shameless plug ends.

1 comment :

  1. Oh great, another low-budget, pretentiously artsy Brit zombie flic.