Saturday, 7 August 2010

New Unnamed Regular Saturday Feature #1: John Williams

Welcome to a new, experimental (i.e. doomed to failure) feature at The Incredible Suit. I've no idea what to call it but it's a feeble excuse to squirt some of my favourite movie music at you on a weekly basis while you're browsing the interwebs, ironing your pants or mowing the lawn, although that last one presents a few practical hurdles. It'll only last about 30 or 40 minutes so you don't have to suffer for long, and all you need are four things:

A computer, duh.
The internet, obv.
Some speakers, jesus.

That last one might seem less obvious but I'll be linking to a playlist on Spotify each week and if you don't have it you won't be able to hear it and everyone will laugh and point at you. You can download it here for exactly nought pee. Alternatively you can pay to avoid having to listen to ads but they're not that bad, honest.

So for Week 1 I thought I'd ease you in gently with a few tunes from the Sultan Of Soundtracks, Mr John Williams. Enjoy, and be careful with that lawnmower.

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  1. Cool, I like Spotify, and I like Soundtracks. Win win! I look forward to some more of your recommendations.

  2. Blog Track

    is an hilarious cover version of 'A Whiter Shade of Pale'.


    Is by composer with more film sound track credits than any other. Wagner of course.


    is Wagner again. Genius.

  3. I love me a bit of soundtrack music and John Williams is one of the Gods!
    Jaws soundtrack...I love it to pieces.
    The Braveheart soundtrack by James Horner is also a beautiful pice of work. Looking forward to discovering some new stuff from your suggestions!

    Might I suggest a bit of Planet of the Apes by Jerry Goldsmith, Hellraiser by Christopher Young. and Jacob's Ladder by Maurice Jarre. All amazing in their own way. The Hellraiser soundtrack is particularly unusual in that it has a sweeping almost romantic main theme for such a gruesome story. Well, I guess Julia loves Frank in her own special way ;)

    Great Idea Mr Suit, keep up the good work :D
    Marge x

  4. Of course Braveheart is a beautiful piece of work not pice!
    Marge x
    My God just got to that bit of Braveheart music that plays whenever his dead wife appears...just stunning!

  5. spotify:track:2c9HGvld3HwLcWQ35yqDjq

    Is Wagner's Gotterdamerung one of three of his works used used in Excalibur 1981.

  6. Spotify Saturday! Soundtrack Saturday? Spotitrackurdaytifilmify! Oh god send help

  7. This post has inspired me to dig out all my soundtracks and play them again. Just been listening to the Jacob's Ladder soundtrack and sobbing my heart out at Al Jolson singing Sonny Boy :(
    Marge x

  8. Anna has given good names to choose from. How about 'Incredible Notes'
    Did I mention Wagner? His music is credited in 628 productions. Not bad for someone who died in 1883. His opera music has influenced many composers including John Williams. Wagnarian themes are to be found in many soundtracks.

  9. Ideas for names:
    Dream Themes
    Silver Scores (Saturday)
    Behind the Themes
    Musical Interludes
    Master Scores
    Reel Music
    Shooting Scores
    They Shoot They Score!
    Marge x

  10. All good suggestions. It was originally Spotify Saturday but I ditched that on the advice of my legal team.

    I'm thinking of calling it "Where's Wagner?" just to annoy Tony, but I suspect Wagner is pronounced "Vagner" so that vouldn't really vork.