Saturday 28 August 2010

Temporarily Named Saturday Playlist #3: Batman

Despite the continuing lack of a snappy name and a says-it-all logo, the temporarily-titled Saturday Playlist rumbles on in a persistent attempt to do things to your earholes that other blogs can only dream of.

This week's theme looks like this:

...and features the work of Neal Hefti (little-known composer of the TV series theme), Danny Elfman, Shirley Walker, Elliot Goldenthal, Christopher Drake, Robert J Kral, Kevin Manthei, Hans Zimmer and James Newton Howard, each of whom bring a different but entirely appropriate bat-sound to their respective incarnations of the pointy-eared grumpychops.

So pull on a pair of black tights, growl like a laryngitic lion and hang around with a skimpily-dressed boy half your age while these fine tunesmiths take you to Gotham City and back in an improbably ostentatious car. Pow!


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  1. ROBIN: Holy Lugholes!*#

    LOUD MUSIC: - Kerpoow! - Bash! - Yeoww!

    ROBIN: Riddle me this - Who has been using the Bat-i-music player?

    BATMAN: Zippering Zappering Laddered Tights its The Incredible Suit!

    MUSIC: Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana-Nana B A T M A N

  2. Finally caved and downloaded Spotify to get in on this feature- damn you for finding my Batman weakness. Though I must say, it livens up a Saturday morning of writing. :)

  3. Will Batman find The Incredible Suit in Gotham City? Tom Mankiewicz's house? Nolan's Prestige Inception room? Breaking the door of the Batmobile with a Zimmer frame?

  4. Dear Marge Gunderson was on TCM again last night. How does she find time to read The Incredible Suit? If she is not busy watching a body being fed into a wood chipper, then she has hubby Harve to look after. Fargo is a busy place with all those murders going on.

    Who, I wonder, is the typical Caped Crusader follower? Sorry, I mean Incredible Suit follower?

  5. This is fantastic, much appreciated. However, I would just the addition of R Kelly's absolutely amazingly pompous 'Gotham City' from the Batman and Robin soundtrack which unfortunately does not appear to be on spotify