Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Sunday Night's All Wright (Do You See? DO YOU SEE?!)

On Sunday I went to the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton to see a double bill of Edgar Wright's Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz. It was, obviously, two slices of fried gold. On platinum toast. Having not seen either film for ages, it was a deliriously pleasurable reminder of what a talent Edgar Wright is.

The scripts are so bursting with wicked setups, payoffs and cheeky foreshadowings that repeat viewings increase their enjoyment exponentially. I never even realised the connection between the fence-jumping scenes ("What's the matter? Never taken a short cut before?") or Nick Frost's "Yeeeh bwoyee" / "Yeeeh Royee" gags until Sunday night. As much as I can't wait for Scott Pilgrim vs The World, I desperately want Edgar to keep making films in the UK because it's entirely possible that he might be our greatest living director.

Anyway the night itself was a big hairy hoot, with the Ritzy's own Bruce Forsyth and friend of The Incredible Suit, Sam Clements, chairing a competition that involved six members of the audience doing their best zombie shuffle 'n' moan. Here are a couple of rubbish photos of Sam and a girl failing to win a zombie-a-like game:

I've actually managed to make Sam look more like a zombie than the girl trying to look like a zombie there. I really need a professional photographer on this blog.

Anyway a few weeks ago I stated the obvious but bizarrely not-widely-accepted fact that Hot Fuzz is a better film than Shaun Of The Dead. Now that I've had a chance to do the research and twist the facts to prove my point, here are ten inarguable reasons to back up the unquestionable truth:

1. This music
David Arnold - Theme From Hot Fuzz

2. This Raiders Of The Lost Ark villain

3. These guys

4. These character names
Cooper, Porter, Turner, Shooter, Prosser, Hatcher, Paver, Skinner, Fisher, Walker, Thatcher, Weaver, Roper, Tiller, Reaper, Messenger, Staker, Treacher, Cocker, Blower, Draper, Aaron A. Aaronson

5. These Andys in these shades in this rain

6. This legend

7. This steady but relentless increase in the
action quotient as the film progresses

8. This fight

9. This proof that wearing Aviators and
chewing toothpicks makes anyone look cool

10. This fact
Cop films are, like, well better than zombie films.

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  1. There's also sly in-jokes about Iain (M) Banks. Which is always cool.

  2. I had come to the same conclusion after watching a Shaun and Hot Fuzz double bill. Hot Fuzz also shows Edgar's style maturing.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks that!

    In addition to the list:
    - The bosses, played by Bill Nighy, Steve Coogan and Martin Freeman.

  3. I think the real question is...which is better? Point Break or Bad Boys 2?

    You aven't seen Bad Boys 2?

  4. Surely The Bill should be at the top of that list!

  5. The Bill is obviously the greatest TV show ever made in the history of ever, June, but does it have more action than Die Hard on steroids, crack and Sunny D? Not since you left.

  6. You forgot the accents. The accents!

  7. Yeah Yeah...Nice list of cool things in Fuzz but Shaun of the Dead is still better...more laughs and a more cohesive plot. I probably need to see Fuzz again but I recall thinking it could have done with a bit of editing.
    Having said that I do like a cop movie especially the dirty kind ;D
    Marge x

  8. I'd rather listen to 'Hot Fuss' by the Killers than watch the killers in 'Hot Fuzz'.

  9. I'd rather watch Hit Fuzz than watch Tony Cox making puns.

  10. Hurrah! Someone else who agrees with me.
    Problem being that when I say I think Hot Fuzz is a better movie I get looked at if I've just suggested some back door fun with someones Granny.
    Both fine movies, but the Fuzz is better...by miles.

  11. Then you've come to the right place. And I don't mean my Granny's back door.

  12. I can't believe you haven't even mentioned the fact that in the foreground of that shot of Joe is Cate Blanchett.

  13. Because although Cate Blanchett's in the foreground, JOE CORNISH IS IN THE BACKGROUND! Who's the bigger star? Eh? Eh?

  14. Film 2010 really missed a trick by not employing you.

  15. Hhhmm, blogger has decided to change my name too.

  16. Believe me I tried. I had a Facebook campaign with 41 members and everything.


  17. You could have refused to review any film unless it had a tv presenter in it.

    That would mean that you could still talk about Shaun of the Dead and could also encompass such films as Flash Gordon and Shrek 2. I don't know anyone who wouldn't watch that.

  18. I, personally, like them both the same (9/10) - but I think it depends on what you like. If you like zombie and comedy movies, you'll prefer SOTD; but if you like action and comedy movies, you'll prefer Hot Fuzz. I, personally, cannot choose between the two - they're both awesome.

  19. I agree, Hot Fuzz is a masterpiece in my opinion. Shaun Of The Dead is really great too as is the show Spaced.

    I really can't wait until "The Worlds End". It's probably selfish but I wish Edgar Wright would push back the other projects he has lined up (that don't sound particularly interesting) and make another movie with Pegg and Frost.