Monday, 16 August 2010

Movie-Con III: Day 3

The final day of Movie-Con had a more relaxed pace than Saturday, which was a relief because I was starting to live life like it was a trailer, getting annoyed with all the gaps in conversations and music failing to drop out every time I made a crap joke.

A long scene from Tron: Legacy showing Garrett Hedlund being transported through the bowels of an Xbox raised my interest in the film by 1%, which means I might watch it on the telly. The 3D was good though, which is something I'll never admit actually thinking or writing if pressed.

I'm similarly disinterested in Machete, although the scene in which the titular Mexican mentalist abseils from a window with the aid of someone's large intestine certainly caught my attention.

Battle: Los Angeles looks like a less slick Independence Day with equally little irony; a fight scene from The Green Hornet was better than the trailers we've seen so far, and Ironclad is a gory medieval sword-orgy directed by a man called Jonathan English. Johnny, as he didn't call himself, introduced a clip with all the enthusiasm of a teenager reading an essay on Flemish porridge farming, then pulled a face when, during his panel, people asked his cast about their other projects. Quite right too. Why would the Empire Movie-Con audience want to quiz Jason Flemyng about Kick-Ass 2 rather than a film set in Rochester Castle starring Paul Giamatti as King of England?

Future best mates of The Incredible Suit Simon Pegg and Nick Frost turned up to introduce a long trailer for Paul, which was very pleasing. I'm slightly worried it might end up like one of Pegg's "other" comedies (you know what I mean), but to see the eponymous alien extending a middle finger and proclaiming "It's probing time" was good enough for now.

Undisputed nadir of the weekend came in the form of a diabolical gobbet of guff about Resident Evil: Afterlife, in which director and unbearable imbecile Paul WS Anderson repeatedly and ill-advisedly compared his film to Avatar before stating, with a completely straight face, that "You make a better product when you make it in 3D". Words fail me, although two very obvious ones spring to mind immediately.

Later on I failed to win the Bastard Hard Movie Quiz, and failed to get excited about the impending "re-version" (dear God) of Brighton Rock, although director Rowan Joffe offered a robust defence of his film and explained some of his artistic decisions clearly and interestingly. I liked him enormously but I doubt I'll go and see his film.

Then I saw Scott Pilgrim vs The World. More on that another day.

So that was Movie-Con III. In short, there was too much footage we'd all seen on the internet already but the exclusive stuff, the guests and other assorted fun made the weekend a big hairy bag of geeky funballs, and I congratulate Empire and the BFI for organising it just for me.

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  1. From your write-ups, I got the impression that Movie-Con is 95% trailers, 4% twaddle and 1% movies.

    So the positivity of your last para doesn't really square with three posts heavy on the 'meh.' Did you really like it?


  2. Please do continue to let us know which films you won't be seeing. I would also appreciate if you would describe meals you won't eat and gigs you don't really fancy attending.

  3. When I first heard the title Movie-Con I assumed it was a Nicholas Cage romp through Hollywood along the lines of Con-Air.

    I loved the Anderson quote that a movie is a better product in 3D. Yes, using that logic, from now on I'll only drink Sainsbury's £3.95 plonk from a heavy crystal cut glass in order to make it taste as good as a 1978 Chateauneuf du Pape.

    Perhaps you could give films star ratings if good and Anderson ratings if really bad on a scale of Anderson 1D, Anderson 2D or the real raspberry of an Anderson 3D rating.

    You didn't miss any sunshine while breathing the Movie-Con Air-Con.

    Very informative 3 day diary. Thanks.

  4. kinnemaniac, I know I'm a grumpy bastard on this blog and I have perhaps concentrated on the rubbish bits of Movie-Con if only because they're easy to write about.

    However you've got to hand it to Empire for putting this stuff on, there's a great atmosphere and if they weren't doing it who else would?

    And Kev... be careful what you wish for.