Friday, 6 August 2010

Back By Dope Demand

Hello! Lozzer here again! Just a quickie: I forgot to mention the other day my completely amazing theme tune. It's a proper earworm I don't mind telling you. Think BrodyQuest, but 70 years earlier than that cheeky upstart.

Lots of love,

PS Thanks Dave!

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  1. I love the reverse action when he catches the knife thrown by Bob Hope.

  2. Do a search on YouTube using the keywords "peter" and "lorre," and you'll see there are a surprisingly large number of Peter Lorre tributes that have been uploaded there. You might also be surprised to see that most have been made by females who find Mr. Lorre to be quite the intriguing and attractive romantic fantasy man. So you might want to reconsider any previous comments about his "ridonkulous face."

    Anyway, this Peter Lorre tribute of vodka-von-stroheim's that you've linked to is the best to be found, without a doubt. A work of genius, it is!