Wednesday, 14 July 2010

"You Ain't Seen Bad Boys 2?"

My Ritzy Cinema / Edgar Wright double bill ticket giveaway attracted a record number of entries for a The Incredible Suit competition, which may be down to the fact that the prize was actually worth something this time. FYI, the massive cardboard Prince Of Persia poster I tried to get shot of here was never collected and is still knocking about at work. People keep asking me when I'm going to either take it home or burn it because it's in the way and they don't like having to look at Jake Gyllenhaal thrusting his tits out every day.

To be in with a chance of winning two tickets to Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz on August 8th (tickets still available!) all you had to do was guess which of those two films is The Incredible Suit's favourite. Here's a mathematically accurate visual representation of the entries:

A lot of people will therefore be disappointed to find that I actually prefer Hot Fuzz to Shaun Of The Dead, and I realise I'm in a minority there but you know what that's how I feel and I'm not about to change my mind just to agree with you lot. Maybe if you're lucky I'll explain how I reached that conclusion after I've seen them again, back to back, on Sunday August 8th at Brixton's Ritzy Cinema, I'm not sure if I mentioned those details enough times yet.

Anyway as promised, the correct entrants gained access to The Incredible Suit's Arena Of Destiny, and in an epic battle to the death, a champion emerged victorious. Turn your speakers up:

So well done to the lucky winner, hard luck to the losers, shame on you to the cheaters and for God's sake give me some credit to the people who thought it was a trick question.

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  1. Really enjoying that Goldeneye soundtrack then?

  2. I wonder if Ben Mahon would rather see 'Dead Hot' and 'Shorn of the Fuzz'?

  3. What a clutered workspace. Mugs and water waiting to be spilled into the equipment.

    Chuck the poster from the office roof and The Prince of Persia will fly his own way to the prize winner like a magic carpet.