Monday 19 July 2010

The Best Man

I was the Best Man at a wedding last weekend. I gave a speech which immediately broke all accepted wedding speech protocol by shamelessly plugging my own website, comparing the writing of a future-award winning movie blog to the writing of a speech as a transparent excuse to market it to a captive audience.

It didn't work; the groom shouted at me and minutes later one of my oldest schoolfriends had already forgotten the name of the blog. However, if there was ever any doubt about how much The Incredible Suit has taken over my actual, real self, here's one of the gifts the happy couple gave me for being so amazing:

Here's the other:

Those two images more or less encapsulate everything my life is about.

Thanks and Congratulations Stu & Jo!

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  1. I'm pretty sure I know who Stu is, so pass on my hearty congratulations (does 'hearty congratulations' make sense?) to Stu and his lady wife, marvellous news. Nice T-Shirt by the way, nice typeface. And colours. Etc.

  2. There must be some mistake. I was under the impression that I was the best man.

  3. FP (KB), I will.

    TUM, error. You are the second best man.

  4. Put a bottle of Stolichnaya and the shot glasses in the deep freeze and a day later put on your VHS off air recording of 'From Russia with Love' and keep drinking the vodka with your companion until the film looks as good as HD and you are sure you look better in your incredible suit than Sean Connery does in his. And then...

  5. If you are the best man that the bridegroom knows, then to berate you is just advertising his own poor judgement and urgent need to marry just to talk so someone who is not wearing an incredible suit.

    Have you considered becoming a priest. Your speech reminds me of sermons. "Washing your car clean is like going to confession" or "The lord sees all that you see. Even the in private browsing"

  6. Dammit. My cover is blown. As superheroes go, I'm not great. My superpower is the power of hindsight, and on top of that, I can't keep my identity a secret. Bloody interweb.