Monday 26 July 2010

Some Trailers

A lot of trailers are being released at the moment. You might not know what to make of them, so The Incredible Suit is here to tell you what to think and how to feel.

Buried continues to display some balls-out marketing madness. The new trailer doesn't even show any bits from the film, probably because it's almost entirely set in a six foot-long box and that doesn't really lend itself to hyperactive editing and pauses in the music for crap jokes. It does deliver some serious Saul Bassiness though, not unlike its second amazing poster.

I'm going for Buried as this year's unexpected smash that nobody saw coming apart from all the people who did. It had better not let me down.

Red is based on a comic book series you've never heard of because there were only ever three issues. The title is an acronym for Retired, Extremely Dangerous, and it's about a bunch of ex-CIA pensioners who are called into action when the life of the love interest of one of their number is in danger. Like Last Of The Summer Wine, but with Mary-Louise Parker as Nora Batty.

Ignoring the ropey FX on that stepping-out-of-the-moving-car gag, this could well be the action comedy that Knight And Day should have been. Although to be fair I haven't seen Knight And Day, it could be amazing for all I know.

Also any film that stars Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Richard Dreyfuss, Karl Urban, Brian Cox and, after what feels like a twenty-year absence, the Bruce Willis Smirk, can't be all bad. And no, your eyes didn't deceive you. THAT WAS ERNEST BORGNINE.

Tron Legacy is the sequel to one of those 1980s films that you either love blindly because you grew up with it or you think is a bit bobbins because you watched it for the first time as a grown man and came to the conclusion that your life is no worse off having not seen it in all that time.

At the risk of repeating myself, I'd still rather see this.

Finally, here's the latest trailer for David Fincher's Facebook movie, The Social Network. As a warning to younger viewers I should point out that this trailer contains several shots of Jesse Eisenberg's face.

Oh yeah there's a spectacularly-delivered f-bomb in there too.

I can't get excited about this, no matter how hard I try. Fincher has got so much making up to do to me after his last few films that he should screen this personally, at my house, while pouring me glasses of ice-cold panda blood and serving dodo goujons in order to win me round. Although as it's clearly going to be about three hours long he probably shouldn't bother.

Now as it happens I've got an idea for a film about a game-changing website set up by an unrecognised and misunderstood genius. Any takers?

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  1. Red looks awesome. Otherwise, eh.

  2. Buried sounds good, as to whether it looks good remains to be seen.
    Reds looks a little bit like a beefed up Americanised "New Tricks", but could be fun. I love me some Richard Dreyfuss!
    Tron Legacy - Hmmmm... I really don't know??
    The Social Network, could be interesting... or extremely boring I can't decide which from that trailer.
    Marge x

  3. The Social Network looks good, but the odd casting, and of course the source material may get me second-guessing myself.

  4. Tron when released was startling for its amazing never been seen before dazzling graphics. It was fabulous then but like someone seeing the 99th Salvador Dali dripping clock the novelty has worn off. Regular snub nose .38 lead gets more amazing graphic power in a regular CSI Miami these days than the Tron characters in 1982.

  5. Seeing the first trailer reminds me of the Dutch film 'The Vanishing' 1988 which has no sex or violence but is such a nightmare that adults, never mind children, should be advised to beware before viewing. It gave me bad dreams for days.