Wednesday 28 July 2010

Tamara Drewe Poster: Absolutely Positively Definitely Shot On Location

"Hello, is that the timber yard? Oh hi, I'm just doing a genuine photo shoot for the Tamara Drewe poster. I'm in a real field with some real people who are all really actually here behind a real actual fence, and I just need two bits of timber to hide their feet for no obvious reason.

You have? Cool. OK I need two completely identical bits of wood that are exactly the same shape and size and have precisely the same markings on them, but can you make them slightly different shades of brown so they don't look exactly the same? Otherwise people might think I've just done a sloppy photoshop job, hahaha.

You can? Wickedcoolsweetniceonemate. Laters."

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  1. I'm pretty sure every British comedy since "Four Weddings" has that exact same poster. Minus the lumber.

  2. The whole thing is genuine. I know that because Gemma Arteton has a piece of straw in her hair that the 'Country Life' photographer didn't spot. Is she smiling because there is a large cock standing erect behind her?

  3. it looks like rocks hiding there feet to me.

    and I'm sure it's a knowing look on her face. obviously, also, because of the cock. must have seen a lot of cocks in her life in the absolutely genuine countryside