Friday 16 July 2010

Shrek Forever After

Despite The Incredible Suit's indisputable position as a world-class reviewer of movies, for some bizarre reason I still often find myself having to queue and pay to see films. It's quite unacceptable for someone of my calibre to have to be in such close proximity to normal people when I could be rubbing shoulders with Christopher Tookey and Alan Frank but it's a cross I evidently have to bear.

Unfortunately this means that when I wanted to see Shrek Forever After I had to join a line of people, the length of which should not be permitted in this day and age:

Fortunately most of these idiots were there to see that vampire thing so once inside the cinema I didn't have to look at them any longer.

I was dismayed to discover that my showing of Shrek Forever After was in 3D, a format I am actively trying to have eliminated by ignoring it very hard and grumbling under my breath about it at dinner parties. It still feels like a breach of my human rights to be forced to pay extra to see a film in 3D even though I have no alternative in that cinema. Don't even get me started on the additional charge for 3D glasses; it's like ordering soup and being told there's an additional charge if you want a bowl.

Anyway, Shrek Forever After is exactly the same as all the other Shrek films, which is to say that it's reasonably enjoyable, although the LOLs are limited to occasional polite titters rather than the dignity-reducing guffaws of franchise high point Shrek 2.


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