Thursday, 18 March 2010

Winner(s) Of Largely Ignored Competition Announced!

Well it may have passed you by in a blur of octane-fuelled excitement, but The Incredible Suit held a small and insignificant competition last week. The question was posed in the email I parp out every Friday to those poor souls foolish enough to have signed up for it, so if you didn't know anything about it you've only got yourself and your common sense to blame.

Anyway, the task was to come up with a witty but embarrassingly peurile tagline for the new Toy Story 3 poster, which appears to show Buzz Lightyear making a grab for Jessie in her general upper lady area, at least if you squint a bit and have an ethically and morally bankrupt mind.

The number of entries just peeped into double figures, which was better than expected if I'm being honest, and I can EXCLUSIVELY announce that the joint winners, who independently came up with the same genius tagline, were:

Tom Butler

Congratulations you two for dragging what is essentially wholesome family entertainment into a sewer of smut with:

You win absolutely nowt but the respect of your peers and a place in internet history as the inaugural winners of the rubbishest competition ever dreamt up over a glass of cheap wine.

There's a slim chance I might come up with even worse ideas than this for a competition in future, so to make sure you don't miss out, sign up here with the subject "Yes!" for The Incredible Suit's weekly e-mither, full of rambling bum chutney and possibly the occasional competition.

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  1. What was Spuggy's suggestion?

  2. The same as yours, hence "who independently came up with the same genius tagline" ;-)

  3. Tom & Spuggy you are brilliant and the shocked look on the faces of Woody, Jessie, Buzz and Co. show how clever your suggestion is. You got the Bullseye. Clearly nobody can call Spuggy a spuddy Potatoe head or refer to Tom the Twitch.

    That Ken is a bother. Is he gay or just neutered?