Thursday, 25 March 2010

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Trailer

Now I hate to use foul language or anything, but crumbs, crikey and blimey o'reilly this looks quite astonishing.

Lens flares! Flaming swords! On-screen onomatopoeia! Even Michael Cera might not ruin this.

2010: Best year for movies, like, ever.

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  1. Chaucer's Pilgrim's Tale seems to have had a bit of a makeover. All the Canterbury Tales are fanciful and entertaining and by the looks of the various trailers so is Scott Pilgrim. So, 2010 may not be the worst year for films after all.
    I wolde demen that ye tellen shoulde
    A tale next, if so were that ye wolde.

  2. My mind is melting in confusion. My school days are so long ago that Bunyan, Chaucer, Pilgrim's Progress and Canterbury Tales have also melted into one ancient fable. I transpose facts with great conviction. My apologies.

  3. Nobody noticed Tony. We're easily baffled by long words at The Incredible Suit.

  4. Yay for more lens flare!