Monday 29 March 2010

Futurama Returns; 2010 Looking Less Awful

Tiptopulous news for creatures of all species throughout the known universe reached The Incredible Suit the other day; Best Animated Comedy TV Series, Like, Ever, Even Better Than The Simpsons, Yes, I Really Said That, Futurama is returning to tellyboxes! And here's the low-quality proof!

Having run for four cosmically brilliant series / seasons (depending on how you pronounce 'tomato'), then being axed, then returning for four slightly disappointing feature-length DVDs, then floating in limbo like an abandoned pea in a pan of boiling water, Futurama is bringing back the geeky LOLs from June 24th on Comedy Central. Which is fine if you can get Comedy Central, but massively annoying if your only TV signal comes from a coathanger precariously dangling from your chimney, like mine.

Still, I can wait for the DVD box set because I know that before too long I'll once again be bathing in red hot lobstertainment like this:

and this:

and, for that matter, this:


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  1. "A DVD box set." How quaint is the sound of that phrase, like a 12 inch LP album. DVD's will soon go the way of audio cassettes and VHS tape as we begin to stream everything on demand from the Internet into umpteen terabyte domestic servers.

    My first received media birthday gift was a 78rpm record of Roy Rogers singing 'A four legged friend' about his horse Trigger. My Dad's 8mm films are still viewable while lazer discs, 2 inch Quadruplex tapes and many other formats are just about useless to anyone now.

  2. Tony, you're simultaneously showing your age whilst being a hip young interweb pirate. Impressive.

  3. Some other cheery news for 2010?

    Ms So So Jeans

  4. I blame my todger for this blog.

    Another sentence I never thought I'd write.

  5. I wouldn't let the scientologists anywhere near it if I were you Mr Suit.

    Ms So So Jeans