Monday, 1 March 2010

A Bold Claim

French mentalfest Micmacs is out now; here's an ad from the film's current print campaign:

"Every frame is a masterpiece", says Sight And Sound's Sue Harris. I can only assume that Ms Harris has had this independently tested and verified by a renowned figure in the field of random frame-testing, although I don't know who that could be because Micmacs caertainly hasn't passed through the grubby hands of The Incredible Suit's 30-Minute Freeze-Frame Challenge, I can tell you.


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  1. This is funny. I personally don't get excited for new Jeunet films. HIs first two were style over substance and his lasr 2 were quite charming and lovely so he's batting at 50%. I guess we'll just have to see. I have no idea what this film is even about.

  2. It's next on my to do list Mike, I'll let you know.

    Danny Boon gets shot with a bullet from a gun that is dropped, ruins his life so he and team of the mandatory freaks go and seek revenge on the bullet manufacturer.

    On a related note, I'm getting sick of foreign language film trailers trying to hide the fact that SUBTITLES may be involved. Just seen the trailer for the Girl With a Dragon Tattoo and you'd never know any words were spoken, never mind non-English ones. Same with MicMacs. If you really were that allergic to subtitles wouldn't you feel a tad miffed to pay your dosh and then sit down with your skip full of popcorn to find the dreaded words on the screen?

    I don't really understand why people feel so anti-them (certainly less irritating and distracting than dubbing) but will people really be so daft to not bother checking what language a film is in first? Perhaps I'm just getting old...

  3. Mike, nice avoidance of Alien Resurrection there.

    Anon (is that you again SSJ?), hear ya. It's the US distributors though trying to fool you into thinking it's an action extravaganza where words are few and inconsequential.

    Personally if it tricks people into seeing a Foreign film they might not have otherwise seen I don't think it's all that bad.

  4. It twas me Mr Suit. I agree if it encourages people it's a good thing. But trailers with no talking - highly suspicious. Same as Let the Right One in....doesn't exactly sell the film does it? So we all suffer as a result.

    Isn't the answer just to slap people who would never go to see a film with subtitles in the first place? Or at least try and educate them rather than fool them?

    Lives of Others on Tonight, hidden away on BBC4, at least it's on though!

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  5. Holy crap you are right. How could I forget Jeunet's absolute worst film? I guess I just blocked it out of my memory in hopes of fogetting that it is both part of the franchise and part of this man's body of work.

  6. SSJ, a mass slapping for all philistines is indeed the way forward. I'll start today by whacking everyone I see on the offchance.

    Mike, selective memory syndrome is understandable in this case. I myself cannot remember anything that happened after Aliens.